Whimsical Children & Clothing

Kids Playing in Forest

We at Ooh La La Mama strongly believe, that kids should be free to play and enjoy the world as they go. Clothing are often what gives them that freedom, which is why parents should make more considerate choices when making purchases. But it’s not just clothing we want to focus on. But a whole variety of fun topics, about the life of kids and growing up. How whimsical children are usually the once, that have more success in life. It’s the whole package that comes with parenting, that ultimately decides much of the child’s future.

We are also planning to travel to different destinations around the world, in order to find out just what kids in other countries are wearing. But not just that, all the conditions of life and how families perform in general that comes along with it. From our experience, you can only expect the unexpected, especially because there is so much to learn from kids. After all, isn’t that one of the greatest reasons to give birth, so that the Mama can just go “Ooh La La!” in experience and learning.

Back to school moms, this blog is about to take of and show you just how fascinating place the world is for children. We will still take custom orders for clothes, but our online shop’s future is still a little undecided. While we haven’t stopped completely, there will be quite a few changes and for now we want to do this out of our hobby and fun. So hold on tight!

Yours truly,
Mary Thlunaut

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