Parental Responsabilities

Parental Responsabilities

Kids are vulnerable to a lot of outside influences that can have harmful effects. That is why parents have a huge responsibility over raising their kids to become healthy adults that are capabling of dealing with the complex outside world. But there is a lot of confusion involved as well, because a lot of parents might not have that much ideas on how to actually do that in practice. You might be wondering what a children’s clothes owner is talking about parenthood, but having worked in the industry for years.. I can say that I have a lot of experience with working with kids, seeing them grow with different kinds of parents and the influence that is has had. Ooh La La Mama has been always conserned about the future of children and for that we have seeked solutions far and wide. Both, from the clothing industry as well as elsewhere.

Not becoming too “preachy”, we like to talk from our own experience. Which is, that it is simply an almost impossible task to protect children from bad influences. Instead, being open is a very important task in order to make children more resistant and strong. Facing realities is the most important lesson a child can learn in it’s childhood. And for parents to be able to transmit that within upbrigning, they need to face the same realities themselves. That’s why we strongly believe that the biggest parental responsability is for the parents themselves to grow and become healthy adults.

We know that a lot of parents have not had this ability when you were grown up. But it’s time to end the vicious circle. And for that, we are writing cool stuff now!

Ooh La La Mama,
Mary Thlunaut

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