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While we do not always support huge corporations such as Amazon, it certainly deserves a good look and study to what they can offer in the field of kids clothing. The market in Italy itself is huge which is why it is simply second nature that Amazon would take great focus on that business sector. It is less than five years when the company laid it’s foundations on the Italian soil where it is now a welcomed additions and boasts as one of the biggest online commerce platforms in the country. But that’s not all, the company is now worth more than the American Wal-Mart which is a huge milestone within history of e-commerce. Before we go into depth concerning Amazon Italy and their excellent English language service.

The Amazon News

The race continued for a good twenty years, but on Thursday Amazon surpassed Wal-Mart as the largest online shopping retailer in the United States.

Amazon surprised analysts with their results in the April-June interim report. In the after-hours market, the stock rose by 17% after the announcement, which meant that Amazon’s market value jumped to $266 billion. Wal-Mart was at that point valued at $236 billion.

In comparison to the turnover, Amazon’s profits were a modest $92 million, resulting in a share value of $0.19 per share, though analysts had originally anticipated a $0,14 loss per share. The previous year the company had made a total loss of $126 million.

The increase in turnover was surprisingly not just the clothing sector, but mainly due to the cloud service Web Services, which grew by 81%, reaching a value of $1,82 billion. The Amazon Prime membership, costing $99/year, quickly grew the number of members, but Amazon is keeping quiet about the actual number of Prime customers.

The total turnover was $23,19 billion, where last year in the April-June period it was $19,34bn. Out of the total turnover, $13,8bn originated from the United States.

These figures are not a surprise for us, especially when we have certainly been very dissatisfied with the services of Wall-Mart and we strongly believe that customers are ‘wising up’. While in the United States the trend is relatively slow in comparison to Italy for example, where buying decisions are made on factors such as quality, reviews, sustainability and longevity. According to our observations, questions of brand or trends come only second to more nature friendly factors.

Beyond expectations, the approach that gives customers more freedom over choice and decision has been a massive promotion of sustainable fashion in contrary to so called ‘fast fashion’. We love to see these kinds of movements happening throughout the world and want to support the products that are being made with good standards in mind.

We believe that the reason why Italy was the country to expand it’s clothing sector for children in such a way is the long history of fashion. Within the decreased interest in brands, people have started to take good fashion sense almost as granted. Which has tilted the attention to things like clothing manufacture and other root fundamental issues that we should be talking about. This expansion in fashion has also helped to create more English language services so that other countries including the United States could follow. Such an approach will at least give the opportunity for change on a global level.

The outcome is something that only time can tell. But it is important to note that Italy has become a centralised country for this new shopping movement. In the boom times of the “Ooh La La Mama” we have failed to truly embrace such a setting of the mind but through our blog we want to make up the loss that we have created. That’s why we have evolved beyond the brand and create not just clothes but a way of thinking for mothers, from their childhood to their adulthood as well as pregnancy in between.

If you feel you have been inspired us. Please contact us soon. We can also connect with other Italian manufacturers that can show you the way to a new life. Thank you for listening to us!

Massive warm greetings,
Mary Thlunaut

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