Kids Are Smart & Vulnerable

In Front of Toy Store

We really believe that there needs to be balance when considering the upbringing of children. This in fact is probably the most difficult part in bringing up kids. And one thing that we are always concerned about, is the commercial world that is surrounded by them. With shopping items, not just clothes but just about anything available with a huge business behind. This all makes people take some rather unethical business moves. We as a clothing shop, have always put effort into creating an honest industry with sustainable products that target moms, rather then the kids themselves.

The balance that we often talk of, is that of giving your child freedom to explore and discover the world the way they see fit. Because kids really are very very smart, and underestimating them can effect their development. When it comes to advertising, and the modern commercial world in general kids become extremely vulnerable without the ability to protect themselves from the huge amount of ads they are subject to on a daily basis for example.

We really think that parents should put more focus into this problem, sense we can never trust the co-operative world. Smaller shops, like us have much more dedication yet higher prices. Unfortunately, this is another reality we understand that needs to be balanced. That’s why we focus always on sustainability so that a one time purchase would be cheaper in the long term. Kids are extremely smart, but we must protect them for their vulnerabilities too!

Lovely greetings,
Mary Thlunaut

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