Born to Travel with Kids


Lately one of our favorite subjects is traveling with kids. There are many people who are doing it but still only a handful who are making a lifestyle out of it. For us, those very souls that have taken travel to a spiritual level are especially interesting for us. We wanted to know, how people train their kids suitable for travel and what kind of situations they have encountered on the road. When questioning mothers who have kids, there was one constant theme that was similar in all of the cases. This was, that everyone had a totally unique approach to travel. Not only did it give us inspiration that especially when it comes to families, one must find their own way. But even more important than that, we now understand that simply anything is possible.

For example, while some families might enjoy relaxing trips with comfortable hotels. Then there is always the other side of travel, where some parents do anything from hitchhiking to staying at dorm beds in hostels. It’s really up to the sort of training you give kids and they will get used to anything. And it’s not just because kids are more subject to these things, it’s because when you are on a journey everything is made fun. Of course, even for adults that is the main reason typically for taking a trip in the first place. When you travel with your kids, you learn to look at things from a fun and exciting perspective. Just the way things should be at home too but people just tend to forget that.

So in other words, parents are training themselves and the kids are just picking up the fun as you go. It’s really interesting when you think about it, how parents that go out of their so called comfort zone are probably much more realistic and growing as a person. That’s why one very important thing to always remember, is to never judge on anyone. Most people would never do some of the crazy things others do and that’s for a good reason. Exploration needs to be done in the pace of parents, that is the simple reality of travel. Children will follow as long as parents are enjoying their trip, if not they will start complaining.

But as always, there are still plenty of parents who just don’t understand anything. Thinking that it’s the kids fault because they are not comfortable during travel. One must take a good, deep look into oneself and ask: “Am I really enjoying this full hearted?”. If the answer is no, it’s important to start traveling in a way that you by yourself feel comfortable and excited with. It doesn’t need to be some Disney Land or anything that you don’t enjoy, otherwise children won’t enjoy it either. Just remember that important rule, please!

More fascinating blog posts coming about travel, so hold on with Ooh La La Mama! =)

Childish regards,
Mary Thlunaut

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