Beijing Tips & Tours to Families Traveling with Children

Beijing Aquarium

We have had quite a few posts about travelling in China and it’s major cities like Beijing. This has lead to many queries to give us more tips, and information on things to do. And most importantly, what children love to do. While it’s good to have issues on travel safety well thought out, it’s not such a big thing as many might think. On the other hand, focusing on suitable and interesting things to do is what often gives a positive outlook. And the fun that’s available for children is abundant. Especially since Chinese love children it’s easy to blend in and be accepted. Even up to the point that sometimes it might be difficult to avoid all the positive attention and quiet time becomes vital when having a rest at your hotel room.

In Beijing, even historical monuments are huge fun and it always provides a precious relaxation moment together with nature, as well as beautiful views. The popular section of the great wall is “Mutianyu” which is a short one hour ride by car, however putting a little more effort and spending a few extra RMB is definitely worth it. With a bit less of hectic atmosphere and more originality in a less restored, cute small village it’s better for the whole family to go to “Jinshanling Great Wall”. Both private tours and non-shopping bus tours are an affordable option to go there. Depending on how much time and money you want to spend of course. To guide you through the process of planning your trip to the city, check out the Tours in Beijing expert by May Tours. They are the most helpful and child-friendly bunch of tour guides that I have ever seen. And very friendly too, so if you have any questions about traveling in Beijing with your children, just leave them a message and they are always happy to assist you. But don’t forget to go on to one of their private tours as well! 🙂

While the great wall is considered as the must for any visitor. I have made a brief list below for more places that are well worth considering for your tour plan. All suitable with private guides or just together with the family with a bit of common sense. I’ve also covered some of the safety issues to show you just how far a little sensibility can take you, and your family.

Hutong & Rickshaw Tour

If you don’t know “Hutongs” are some of the most important old treasures of most Chinese cities. They are the traditional living areas that are becoming less and less. By visiting these places which are full of small streets, fun and adventure you can support the restauration and survival of such important Chinese history. Many of the streets can be quite unclean so kids cannot be left unattended. That’s why it’s recommended to purchase a Rickshaw driver service, where you are taken around in style as well as fun comfort. These can be joined together with a visit to a local family to lear and try dumplings as well as other traditional food. The area around Beihai park is recommended, as there is is more clean and you have a beautiful lake to walk and play around in. Also there is a coffee shop which comes in handy for most exhausted travellers!

Beijing World Park

This place is no just any theme park but both extreme fun and an educational experience. With landmarks made in miniature form from all over the world including China, it’s a great place for children to get perspective for their travels. Endless exploration is waiting at this massive attraction, popular with (almost) all ages. Also there are culture performances where you can catch short but insightful glimpses on the Chinese way of life. From ancient times to the modern, Beijing World Park will most likely consume the whole day unless you want to drag your kids screaming. Our advice, is to take your time and relax without tight schedules. A guide will be helpfull here because you can go and grab a cup of coffee while kids are at play.

Beijing Ocean Park

This indoor aquarium is some of the biggest in the world and contains thousands of water creatures and fishes. An experience of this magnitude is bound to leave your kids mesmerized. This Ocean Park is well competing with other such places in the world.

Here are some more you might want to have a look at depending on taste:

  • Shijingshan Amusement Park (classic rollercoaster theme park)
  • Pacific Underwater World (underwater tunnel and aquarium)
  • Milu Park (sactuary for wildlife)
  • Fundazzle (playground indoors)

Have you ever travelled in China, or any of the major cities there with your family? Please share your experience with our Ooh La La Mama community. Thanks & looking forward!

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